Amy Emanuel and Ari

Bill and Jan Ray and Buddy​

Cindy Meyer and Hailey​

Kelley Ward and Oakley

John Grondin and Leia

​​​Jeanne Bishop and Sadie

Gretchen Drake and Jessie

​​Dale Oxenhardt and Stella

Tammy Hanel and Barley

Cindy Skiles and Walt

Marty Metzler and Kenzie

Lee Sorensen and Tucker

Katherine Zupancic  and Claire

Crystal Strasburg and Mowgli​

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Rachel Marget and Bullitt

Sarah Holley and Macy

Judy Boucher and Bernice

Jennifer Hill and Daisy

Marty Metzler and Hannah

Angie Frerking and Juno

Johnny and Anna Hower and Charlie

Jody Pence and Bella

Jill Payne and Cinnamon

​Jill Schuerman and Oakley

Jaine Merliss and Izzie

Jane Helton and Kody

Rachael Ruybalid and Geisha

Angie Frerking and Lulu

Jane Cech and Cooper

​JuLee Vincent and Shadow

Mackenzie Wylie and Murphy

Jeff and​​Ann Hagaman and Mavis

Jayne Johnson and Charlie

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Angela Herbert and Mojo

Marty Metzler and Mandy

Marty Metzler and Splash

​Shelly Brandt and Celly​

Ed Kelley and Murphy

Cindy Skiles and Ned

Marla Wademan and Barkley

Arlys Grodin and Leia

Denise Want and Summer

Bill Eckstrom and Aspen

Mimi Harvey and Hugh

Victoria Heaton, Nala and Mowgli